The Benefits of Shipping Container Rentals – Comfort and Safety for Your Stuff, Affordability for Your Budget

If you are looking for a comfortable storage solution because you need to declutter your home or papers keep piling up in your company and you need a place where you can keep your documents in safety and within easy reach, shipping container rental companies can help you out. Storage containers come in various sizes and conditions – you can rent small, medium sized or large boxes, brand new or refurbished, all of them easy to install (all you need for installation is level ground of the size of the container) and affordable.

Types and Sizes of Shipping Containers

Containers come in various dimensions – here are some of the more common sizes:

  • 8 ft units – these relatively small boxes double as perfect garden sheds
  • 10 ft containers fit into relatively small spaces, yet they are perfect for moving in your archive or for using the unit as a garden shed,
  • 20 ft units are the most popular – they are large enough to accommodate whatever needs to be stored on a construction site and are resistant to even the harshest weather and to rodent attacks as well,
  • 40 ft units offer huge ground level storage, sufficient for moving in the contents of an entire home. The volume it can swallow can be further increased by adding shelves.

Most rental companies offer new, premium grade and refurbished units. The boxes belonging to the latter category are of course the cheapest – even if you may find a few scratches or dents on the metal surface of refurbished boxes, they are in perfect condition, too, clean, rust free and coated with special, durable paint.

Shipping Container Rental Prices and Payment Options

Rental prices vary from one company to the other, but most rental firms practice very affordable prices for all their products. However, there are a number of factors that will determine the rental fee:

  • Size and condition are obviously two decisive factors, brand new, larger units being the most expensive,
  • Most rental companies can offer you extra options such as shelves, other furnishing items, lighting, special insulation, refrigeration possibilities or extra security and monitoring equipment, all of which increase the rental fee,
  • The amount of time you will be renting the box also determines the price, too.

Besides the rental fee, most companies charge small fees for the delivery and the removal of the box, but many firms offer free transport for long-term shipping container rentals. At the end of the rental term, the box you have rented will be carefully inspected by the rental company – if the container is not in the same condition as it was when you received it, you might be charged a fee.

Final Thoughts

Renting shipping containers might be the perfect solution for your storage needs, so why not have a look at what local rental companies have to offer – these boxes are really safe, weather-tight storage containers Denver facilities that will protect whatever you move inside without burdening your budget.